Friday, January 22, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Friday

Over on The Collective (where I am routinely told what to think and how to think it), they've been talking about guilty pleasures this week. Rather than simply post a comment there today, I thought I would share some with you, the loyal and/or occasional reader. So here they are, in no particular order.

1. Gilmore Girls. 'But Joe, that's a girl show!' Shut it, ass. They talk fast, they make obscure pop culture references, and Lauren Graham is one of them. There was never any doubt that I would love this show. I watched the first two seasons on DVD, and became so invested in the characters that when I disagreed with their life choices at the end of season two I vowed never to watch again. And I haven't. Yet. It's really only a matter of time.

2. System of a Down. I go back and forth on thinking that these guys are actually a good band and thinking they're awful, but no matter if they're good or bad I still really like them. I will rock that shit out. I can't listen to them at work because when I do it looks like I'm having a seizure, I rock out to this band so hard. Or I would imagine that that's what it looks like.

3. Flatulence noises. I'm not talking about actual flatulence, I'm talking about the sound of it. Yes, it's childish, but it's also fucking hilarious. A well-placed farty noise is always welcome as far as I'm concerned.

4. The Star Wars prequels. Yes, I know the dialogue is awful and the acting is wooden. But did you see all those Jedi? And Darth Maul was so cool! Lightsaber fights just work on me. Don't you dare judge me.

5. Superhero action figures. Heh, just kidding, I don't feel guilty about this at all. Just try and feel guilty when you've got this sweet-ass display in your apartment!

I know, right? Amazing. You hear that, grade school bullies? Your asshattery towards me has worn off! I hardly ever wake up crying anymore!

Those are just a few of the many, many guilty pleasures that I have. What are some of yours, dear reader?


  1. Joe! I can't believe you quit GG after two seasons! I feel like I need to come to Ohio and force you to watch the rest. You're missing out on so much especially episode "That'll Do Pig" in Season 3.

  2. Jess was such a tool, how could Rory kiss him? Dean was awesome and she was throwing that all away! Stupid Rory!

  3. Is Jess the guy on Heroes? I think he's a tool on that show, too.

  4. Talking fast is always a winner for me. But I think I'm too old to watch whole seasons of TV shows on DVD.

    On the prequels, I couldn't agree with you more. Plus, I kind of have a crush on Qui-Gon. Sure, that only gets me through Episode I, but the light sabre fights get me through the rest.

  5. far noises ARE fucking hilarious.

  6. DUDE. You NEED to finish GG. Like NOW.

    Hi, by the way.

  7. Dean is such a whinger! Whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge, whinge! He makes me crazy!

    Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I never get tired of looking at photos of your hero collection!


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