Thursday, March 8, 2007

The greatest thing I've read in quite a while.

First post in a while, but it's a good'n.

So yesterday, for those that live under a rock, Captain America was killed in the pages of his own comic. Anyone that reads comics knows that no death is ever a sure thing, and I wouldn't be surprised if, within the year, Cap is back and better than ever. But for the mainstream media, Captain America's death is as much a shock as Superman's death was back in 1992 (Kal-El got better, of course). One such member of the media, a writer for, sees Cap's death as just another step in the gradual decline of American society.

I'd like to make something clear. I would never have read anything from The Conservative Voice otherwise, had it not been about Cap's death. You have to know going in that it's going to be hysterical. It's The Conservative Voice, for God's sake. But nothing can prepare you for what John Michael McCrae has to say:

Growing up in Southern New Jersey one of my favorite pastimes was reading Marvel Comics. Spiderman was the best but I read them all. The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Sub Mariner, Dr. Strange, The Avengers, Iron Man, The X-Men and, of course, Captain America were the stuff of fantasy and pleasure. I dare to admit that my love of reading was born in the pages of Marvel Comics.

Now I read where Captain America has been killed by a “sniper’s bullet”.

My first thought was “How appropriate!” In a nation that has been hijacked by liberalism and is being slowly destroyed by democrat-ick socialism, it is probably importantly symbolic that with the destruction of the Christian Bible and the traditional holidays recognizing the blessings of God; with the elimination of a Constitution that requires strict interpretation and constructionist action to actually work the way the Founders intended; with the spreading of the liberal religions of Darwinism and Global Warming-ism and with the spreading of immorality through the acceptance of atheism and the homosexual agenda, that Captain America be struck down from a hidden threat on the steps of a court house.

It just gets worse from there.


He actually uses the phrase "Global Warming-ism"!!! That was the point at which I started to cry with laughter. I also love that he, like so many people, Republican and Democrat alike, purports to have any idea of what "the Founders intended," as if he has spoken to them personally and plays Bridge with them every Sunday.

Dude, it's a comic book, not the end of America as you think you know it.